Gum Problems from Piercings

What Is It Like To Get Your Tongue Pierced?

I’ve been thinking about getting my tongue pierced and I want to hear other peoples opinion who have had it done. How painful is it? What kind of jewelry do you suggest? And any other tips and such that you may have.

How Do I Pierce My Own Labrea ( You Kno The Piercing Thats Right Under The Middle Of Your Bottom Lip)?

just like i said, i need to kno how to safely pierce my labrea at home. I already have the right piercing needle and stud that i want.

How Would One Go About Getting A Nose Or Lip Piercing At Home?

ive never done a home piercing and pain isn’t a real big problem but what do you need to do before hand…and please dont even comment or answer if you dont like the idea of a home piercing because i don’t want to deal with it.

How Long Does It Take A Monroe Piercing To Heal?

I want to get one and I need to know how long it takes to heal so I can plan out when I should get it done. I have a really busy life… also if anyone knows if wearing makeup is going to be a problem, and once it heals does applying makeup become a pain?

What Are The Tell-tale Signs That Your Body Piercing Is Infected?

I got my ear piecred (upper cartilage, 2 holes, helix) about a week ago and was wondering if it is normal at this point to be experiencing redness and swelling? I was bleeding about two days after the the piercing, but that stopped and and felt fine four days ago. CRB 16 gauge 3/8 diameter was used. Should/ can I do anything other than the salt soak and cleaning w/ antibacterial soap to make the […]

What Is The Procedure Of Getting A Labret Piercing?

Just wondering what the pain level is and what its all about!

How Do You Put A Hoop In Your Monroe Piercing?

I was wondering how to put a hoop through your piercing because iam going to buy a hoop for mine. If anyone can give me any vids, or pics or just simpily explaine how too that would be great =) -Hailey.

What Is The Best Way To Pierce Your Own Lip?

Okay, so ive been wanting a lip piercing for a while now, but you know how parents are. So ive been trying to persuade them, but it’s no use. Would it be okay for my health if i pierced it myself. Would there be any consequences? Any advise is welcome thanks!

Is It Normal For Your Gums To Hurt After Piercing Your Tongue?

i got a tongue piercing and it hurts my gums, will the pain go away later on or no?

How Much Swelling From A Tongue Piercing Is Normal?

This is the beginning of the third day that I’ve had my tongue pierced. They did it at an angle and left less room for swelling than normal. I’ve noticed past couple of days that the top ball is digging into my tongue and making quite an indent. Does it sound like it still has potential to be a healthy piercing a week from now as long as I keep it clean? From what I […]