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Whip Mix Announces Date for 3rd Annual Survive or Thrive Digital Forum

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DAILY NEWS Aug 5, 2014 9:51 AM TEXT SIZE   By: Whip Mix Louisville, KY 2014-08-05 Whip Mix is pleased to announce it will be holding the 3 rd annual Survive or Thrive Digital Forum on October 2nd and 3 rd in Louisville, KY. The Digital Forum offers the opportunity for laboratories of all sizes to learn what it takes to transition into a digital-based laboratory and how to grow it while staying profitable. The program will feature well-known presenters, each with a wealth of experience and information

Ultra Fine Grain Titanium Dental Implants, Initial Clinical Observations

DAILY NEWS Nov 6, 2013 11:30 AM TEXT SIZE   By: Americo Fernandes, DMD 2013-11-06 ABSTRACT Ultra Fine Grain (UFG) titanium is a new improved form of the old classic Commercially Pure (CP) implantable titanium we as dentists are familiar with.

How To Get Rid Of Painful Gums?

For the past day, my back gums have been really bothering me because of the pain. I’ve been taking very good care of my oral hygeine. Any solutions I can try at home?

Swollen Gums – Infection Possibly From Wisdom Tooth And Now Rash On Face And Neck!?

I have really sore painful gums around the area in which I am cutting a wisdom tooth. I went to the dentist and she said I had an infection and gave me some antibiotics. I now have a red rash around the bottom of my face, jaw and neck. It’s really itchy! This rash started before I got the antibiotics so it is NOT an allergic reaction. Any ideas? Related to the gum infection maybe […]

What Do You Have To Pay For At The Dentists?

UK Dentist. I’ve got a painful gum/general back tooth area and want to see my dentist about it but I havent a clue what you have to pay for and how much ETC. Also how do you get classed as NHS or private. Oh, and a long time ago when i was stilll in full time education I had some fillings and a root canal done, but i’ve never been sure they were done right […]

What Can I Apply To My Gums To Remove Or Relieve The Pain From A Canker Sore?

Occasionally I will get those painful white gum sores and have them for a week. What can I apply to get rid of them. Tried Listerine but no luck.

Are There Any Pain Relief Remedies For A Small Gum Infection While I Wait For My Dentist Appointment?

I suspect I’m suffering from pericoronitis (small, painful gum infection caused by being stubborn and not having my wisdom teeth pulled sooner). I have a dentist appointment but its a ways off and the pain is moderate. Symptoms include: Sharp pain behind and around my bottom left wisdom tooth, pain opening jaw, pain swallowing, aching lower left jaw, and bad breath. I’m getting some relief with 800mg of Motrin 3 times a day with meals […]

I Have Bleeding And Very Painful Gums,and Bad Taste In My Mouth I Cannot Afford A Dentist, What Can I Do??

I have bleeding and very painful gums,and bad taste in my mouth I cannot afford a dentist, what can I do??

What are bleeding gums a sign of other than gum disease?

Question by Moi. . .♥: What are bleeding gums a sign of other than gum disease? Like the slightest pressure causes them to bleed. Biting into food like apples and some times bananas. I dont want everyone to post the obvous bleeding guMs is gum disease. What else can cause bleeding gums? Like illnesses or anything? Thanks Best answer: Answer by sarahDo you brush/floss often? It could be they’re just sore and sensitive from not […]

Q&A: How can you get inflamed gums to wear down?

Question by JtheSnake: How can you get inflamed gums to wear down? I have inflamed gums and braces Can someone help me? Best answer: Answer by PoetessI am in the same position as you…something that has proven to be effective is “Difflam Oral rinse”….its a mouth wash that you have to use 3 times a day for seven days. What do you think? Answer below!