Say Goodbye To Painful Gums

Toothache and painful gums end up giving you the bitterest and worst time of your life and the bad time does not get over then as the dentist bills will cost you fortunes. It is thus highly advisable to take immense care of not only your teeth but also your gums, which are considered two of the most sensitive parts of human body.

We have always been told to keep our teeth clean by brushing twice a day with medically proven toothpaste but hardly any importance is given to the gums. Painful gums can become horrifying nightmares but if proper care is taken we can always save them from swelling.

In order to avoid hurting gums, oral and dental hygiene needs to be maintained strictly and regularly for that regular brushing of teeth in the morning and in the evening should be done. The quality of the toothpaste matters a lot and so does the toothbrush’s make. One should always try to find a brush with soft bristles that is gentle not only on your teeth but also for your gums.

Many of us underestimate the importance of flossing but every dentist suggests that usage of floss is a very important in fact necessary way of teeth cleanup. Use toothpicks to remove any left particles of food from your mouth but this also needs to be done with extra heed as extra or hasty toothpick treatment results in swelled and painful gums. But this swelling should not be regarded as a disease, for more appropriately put, it is only a symptom of some further disorder.

Some of the reasons that cause swelling and painful gums include gingivitis, pyorrhea or periodontitis, monilia, allergies, leukemia, infection of the oral cavity or even incomplete nourishment. Whatever reason may be but once your gums have bloated, they become upraised making your teeth look longer. They might only pain if touched and a reddening can be seen. Other than this a pale yellow patch, which is formed because of pus amassing, can be noticed for painful gums. If the condition is getting worse, these painful gums might turn into bleeding ones.

Mouth disorders, like swollen gums and toothache especially, can cause a lot of misery and even mood swings sometimes. So it is always better to take steps in advance before the situation gets critical but if you happen to suffer from painful gums, few simple and homemade remedies can help you get rid of the pain.

One of the easiest remedies that can be prepared in minutes is the ginger remedy. Add some salt in ginger and crush them together, so that a paste is formed. Now use this paste and rub onto your gums but in a very subtle manner. Repeat this several times a day. Another one can be prepared by squeezing a whole lemon’s juice in a full glass of boiled water. Gargle with this water two or more times a day. The remedy not only helps you reduce the pain but will also remove the bad odor from your mouth that kicks in with painful gums.

Herbal remedies are also very effective and can be used for this purpose. One of fastest relief providing remedy can be arranged by boiling few leaves of henna plant in water. After fifteen minutes remove the leaves and use the hot water for gargling twice a day.

Another one can be made by roasting two three pinches of Bishop’s weed/ ajwain in a wide pan. Use a grinder to crush them into a coarse constancy. Mix two or three drops of castor oil in it and form a paste and use your fingers to apply it on your gums. All these remedies and many others can help you get healthier gums.

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